For any enquiries please contact Miranda at or call +44 7771 824488

Miranda Parry

Miranda believes every click of the shutter is an opportunity to etch a piece of history in time. Just kidding!

Even after being in the industry for three decades, Miranda is a ball of energy. Loves a group shot, is bossy "enough" with a huge sense of humour. Adores a laugh but cares passionately about the job. Knows everyone and could write a page turner about the event industry. Been there, done it, got the hip replacement.

Clare McGregor

Clare has been working with Miranda for 17 years. Loved by clients, cares as if her life depends on her next shot, and completely oblivious that she’s one of the funniest people on the planet and an incredible photographer. Will only drink coffee served to her by an aloof bearded man in an apron. Also favours kale. 

Chris Athanasiou

Chris is a machine. Tell him to work until 3am and he’ll ask what needs doing when he’s finished. Fiercely loyal, furry and head of IT to Miranda and Dean. You’ll want to adopt him but he had me at "Kalimera". 

Dean O'Brien

Meet the seasoned man with zero ego. Nothing fazes Dean, he's seen it all. A smile that makes you want to ditch your hairdresser pour open your heart, and book him again and again.

Pol Thomas

Based in Barcelona where we spend a lot of time. Pol is the bebé of the team which means he is a tech wizard. Videos, drones and snaps whilst constantly looking trendy. How? It's an art form.

Stu Kinghorn

Meet the James Bond of the video world. Found his way into filming via the medium of roller skating, ask him! Smooth as a Pinot Noir and favours a chino as crisp as a January morning. Edits too. Dark, funny and great to have onsite.

Mark McGregor

Our editor who enjoys five star living. Get him an iced latte (has to be artisan small batch - brother to Clare) or a tiny recumbent ox carved in Lithuania and he’ll turn those images around in break neck speed so your socials are up to date before he takes the last slurp. Funny, very clever and washes his face in Evian.